Aefintyr campground is located in beautiful driftless area of SE Minnesota. We offer an intimate woodland setting with 1 cabin (2 more planned for the future) and 8 spacious, private, "suite style" hike-in camp/glampsites.

Aefintyr was founded in 2019 by Chelsi Low. After years of experiencing the benefits and joys of spending time in nature, Chelsi was inspired to find a way to share this with others - Aefintyr was born!  

Mission: to provide camping and recreation experiences that inspire, revitalize and connect people with nature.

Vision: To be a leader in innovation of camping and recreation experience and fostering respect and appreciation for our natural environment.

Core Values:

Nature has an innate value to the human experience.

Respect and care for our natural environment.

Nature and camping are for everyone.

Reduce waste and reuse.

What does the word Aefintyr mean? 

I first read the word aefintyr in the book "How to Read Water" by my favorite author Tristan Gooley. I had been working on a campground and recreation business concept for about a year at the time and I knew instantly that would be the name. Aefintyr is a Norse word used historically to express the desire and restlessness of the Norse seafarers that drove them to set out toward an unknown horizon. Often defined as "restless curiosity" or a desire to "venture" to the unknown and unpredictable. The word has also been used to describe the spiritual restlessness of humanity and the profound peace of the adventure and the unknown. I have this feeling within myself and never had experienced a description of it before until reading it in Tristan's book. My connection with and management of this feeling, a way to embrace it and enjoy it, is being outdoors, exploring nature, taking time by myself, observing many of the beautiful amazing living things, seasonal cycles, the weather and the relationships between it all.