Blufftop Hike-in Camping - Bring Your Own Gear

We are working on getting all of our campsite listings online. If you aren't finding availability contact us via email ( or call/text 507-513-5598 us for more info. 

What is hike-in camping? 

Hike-in camping involves hiking and hauling supplies and gear to the campsite. This type of camping is for people who like to exercise and are looking for a natural setting without a lot of people around. Hike-in campsites are secluded and offer an experience the submerses visitors in the natural surroundings. The campsites at Aefintyr were designed around the natural features of the woods and constructed by hand. The removal of trees or significant alterations to the land were avoided whenever possible.  Backpacks are commonly used and recommended for transporting supplies and gear.

Featured Campsites

What should I expect for the hike?

The hike to the campsites is 1/4 mile (about 1500 feet) up Whiskey Hill with an elevation gain of 230 feet. Most of the hike is on an old logging road that is dirt and rock. Once on top of the bluff, there are wide hiking paths and shared areas that are trimmed and maintained. The logging road and trails may become muddy after significant rain. The hike is physically demanding. Please consider your physical condition and health status when deciding whether to stay at a hike-in camp.

What amenities are available?

Each campsite is forested and features beautiful valley views, a private fire pit (firewood included!) and table with chairs. The blufftop has several shared spaces and amenities including a 10 ft x 20 ft tent, several sets of tables and chairs, sitting areas with outdoor furniture, cooking grate and a cloud/stargazing area. Outhouse with composting toilet within 400 feet of each campsite. At the bottom of the hill near the entrance and cabin there is a small bathhouse with hot showers, drinking water, outlets for charging electronic devices and a wi-fi hotspot. 

Here is a complete list of amenities and more pictures.

What is a "suite" campsite?

A "suite" in the lodging world, is an accommodation with connected rooms under one unit number and is often used to describe a class of accommodations that offer more space than the average. Each suite style campsite is very spacious and offers 3 connected spaces including a dining area with tables and chairs, gathering area with firepit and sleeping area. 

What should I bring?

Similar to a backpacking trip, consider the weight of what you are bringing. All of you party's gear should be able to fit if each person has one backpack. 

Everyone should bring the following:

  • Clothes for layering, appropriate for the time of year you are visiting
  • Wind and waterproof outer layer / poncho
  • Shoes / hiking boots that support and protect your feet and resist water 
  • Headlamp, extra batteries
  • Sunscreen, the higher the spf the better and reef safe if you plan to go in the river
  • Bug spray or ThermaCell - the valley is known for a lack of mosquitos, but it is good to be prepared
  • Water bottle
  • Cellphone / camera / portable power bank
  • Personal items such as toiletries and medications 
  • Food - even if you plan to eat out, at minimum bring some high calorie snacks
  • Dishes and eating utensils, camp stove if desired

Ostraya sleeping area for tents 
Ostraya fire pit gathering area
Celtis dining area with table and chairs

Wood racks stocked with wood at each site

Trail signs with solar lanterns

Quercus camp dining area with table and chairs